Password -  123  Please use the password "123" above to Preview the sample shopify store!

1. Seller Bio

We are a IT Company. Developing and selling will help us to make big projects. So we are selling to clients which they can also make profits without any coding knowledges. Win - Win

2. Executive Summary

This store is Up and running, currently I have not used any paid ads. 

100% Ownership - You will get full control of your business that will be only yours!

My Suppliers are fully based on USA. All the products Can be shipped within 3-7 Days 

Product quality is truly High Quality 

I am sure you will Save $1500/- on apps Per year by buying this Shopify Store. 

Fully Mobile Responsive, Working Great, Tested in all the mobile, Tablets and all

You do not need any technical skill, a complete newbie can earn money from day 1. 

Business Profitability: 80% - 200% Net profit

If you want more profit, You can increase the margin, (I have setup to Standard Pricing) 

This Store built to offer Free Shipping all year long. Free shipping proved to show a positive impact on conversions

Custom email Account included

I will also give you undisrupted Suppliers). And you do not need to pay 29$ to start. Pay only when you are ready to sell the products. (Even a year No Problem, Take your time).

3. Hot Features.

? Easy Payment Gateway Integration (Paypal, Stripe and 3rd party Gateways)

? Tracking and maintaining customer data 

? Your Site is Secured with SSL 

? Can also Import Ali Express Products (Optional)  

? This store is fully customizable (Already its Super design you can customize more if needed)

? Newbie Friendly

? Page Loads - Lightning speed

? Built-in payment processing - Easy to Setup Within Few Minutes 

? Make more money With Easy upsell

? Track your order Easily - AfterShip (Free Plan)

? Recent sales popup - Included - Make your Store more trustworthy.

? Superb Administrator Panel

? Easy Upsell and Cross-Sell

? Easy Upsell and Cross-Sell

? Analytics reporting 

? Advanced Reporting 

? You can use your MailChimp or other Email providers

? Live Chat - Included Can Enable / Disable

? Optimized for SEO and easily customizable in regards to keywords

? You can add coupons and discount codes 

? Great Profit Margin

? Multiple Currency Support - Included

? Trusted Supplies 

? And Many other built-in features

? Can Create a Global Pricing rule.

4. Operations

You only need a few hours to manage this Store, Because of fully automated and very easy to manage. All in one dashboard

5. What do Buyers need? 

Basic Shopify plan to transfer the store.

I will transfer the Shopify store & Domain name as soon as the transaction ends.

6. How does your business make money?

1. List products on the store 

2. Run ads on the products (Facebook and Instagram - Good conversion)

3. Sell direct to the consumers (Collect Phone number & Email Address from buyers offering coupon codes so next time don't need to spend on paid ads)

4. We supply the product directly from the suppliers (Our Supplier are located in USA and Europe).

5. Make profit...

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