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Direct Drop shipping, Very Unique and Completely Fresh Idea. Ready to provide continues supply by trusted suppliers. These products will not available Stores.

Start a new business with No Investment with 100% Profit Margin

There is no competitors in this business because it very unique and anyone cannot start without how its work. Because its a new way to make quick Money. We will guide you through out the process

This is a hidden business which can make mort e than 2000$ Per month on continues based.

This is similar to dropshipping but more effective than dropshipping.  

These are spice based products (powder or Pieces) and very unique.

You can easily sell these kind of products and can get orders on regular basis

You can create a customer base. Because of uniqueness and these things are not available in your area, 

Target Audience 

1. Houses Holds

2. You can sell it grocery stores. (By buying bulkily) Because of Price and uniqueness

3. Hotels and related shops – You can refer your site to make purchase

Delivery time 5 to 10 Days from Sri lanka to world wide

These products are only available in Sri lanka only few suppliers are providing these products

There is no middle agent, Our Supplier are manufacturing and selling

All these things are 100% Sri Lankan made, and Only available in Sri Lanka, But now we are integrating supplier with you so there is no middle man.

We will connect the suppliers directly with you and can request more products which is available here.

Way 1 – How its work (Retail) Shipping direct to customer place

1. Promote the store and get orders (Facebook, Instagram, Mouth through words or any)

2. You have to provide a basic user account to the supplier. Then Supplier fulfill the orders. I will give supplier WhatsApp number for ease communicate

3. The product will be delivered to there doors.

Product cost = 25$ + Delivery & handling Charge =9$  + Profit Margin = 26$

Selling Price = 60$

These products can be sold in regular basis, once they buy the product they start buying the product again and again. Because of the quality and pricing.

Way 2 – How its work (Bulk) Keeping a bulk quantity with you and selling to nearest location. 

You can also by in bulk like 200$ and make 60% More profit 100% Guaranteed. Because individual shipping Cost more. You can get it any quantity you want and can be packaged to 100g or any (Supplier will package on behalf of you. Eg: 100g packs to 100 Packets). As per your requirement and You Can ship within your area Surrounding (nearest location) easily.


As I mention earlier this is a very unique method of making money without or less investment and 100% Profit margin can be kept.

Those who start this kind business will definitely can earn more money easily by doing very less works.

Additional Notes

You can request the supplier to add more product,

You can keep your own margin. but its always better start with a less margin like 60% and then you can go for 100%

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