This Android application will help you earn more money easily with admob, You do not need to know anything about the coding and all, We have done everything. Just pass the traffic (Downloads) and Earn

 What is included in the sale?

Android Application ( we can also give iOS Applications if you need)

Hosting – NO Need any hosting

including app publishing in play store + Screen shots

What is required to keep the app operational?

Actually Nothing.

Google Play Developer account

How does the app generate revenue?

Admob Display in All area

Admob Ads with Banner, Interstitial and Native ads Integrated

Can also add Facebook Ads with Banner, Interstitial and Native ads

Now Support Mopub Ads – Banner, Interstitial and Native ads

How Much I can earn with this app?

App cost 49$

If you want more than 1 App, Please message me via ebay. So I can list it & You can purchase. We are developing simple application that makes more revenue.

If you need iOS App Additional 49$ will be Cost. 

This is all one time fee. There is not monthly or yearly Payments

How much Admob Pays Lets do a simple calculation.

5000 App Downloads (6months) – easily achieve

10% Active user (We have calculated minimum)

500 Impression -(Which Means) You can interconnect with Other Apps to get other app download Per App Earnings

Within 6 months you can easily achieve 5000 Downloads Which means 500 Impression = 10% ( This is minimum) 500 (impression) x 4$  = 2$  Revenue/ Per day / Per App. This is calculated 4$ Per 1000 Impression.

2$ x 1 Apps x 30 Days = 60$ / monthly /- Per month ( This is a Minimum Calculation) If its took Even 1 Year to reach this Downloads. Still we win. ROI in 2-3 months (After 6 months or 1 year)

Assume as you have bought 10 types of apps – Which means 2$ x 10 Apps x 30 = 600$  Revenue Per Month – Passive income Application cost =490$| Now your ROI in 1 Month

Are there any expenses for the app? if so, what are they

Google Developer account  25$ – One time payment, If you wish you can keep in our developer account free forever.

Only one Google Developer account is enough to host all the android application.

How can the future owner improve the app?


Just posting in Facebook groups and WhatsApp group will help you to get more downloads

Interconnect app with other apps. If you have 10 apps interconnecting those 10 apps together. When 1 get download, other app likely to get download.

1 Hour Per Week is more than enough and that is to promote this app

App features and details

Wallpaper Share

Crop Wallpaper option

Wallpaper Set as – Home Screen / Lock Screen / Both

Rate Us option Included




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